Can I Really get Rid of my Wrinkles?

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There are many ways to get rid of your wrinkles. Some are clearly in the test stages and others have been proven to get rid of your wrinkles. Much depends on how deeply set the wrinkles are in determining the correct method for reducing them.

For example, many men and women show a brown line, long before they show any wrinkles on the rest of their face. You can get rid of your wrinkles at the brow through Botox injections. Botox is a form of botulism that literally paralyzes the muscles in the areas into which it is injected. Botox will get rid of your wrinkles temporarily only, and to maintain the results, injections have to be repeated every four to six months.

Caution in using Botox is important. Any doctor can administer Botox injections but not all are equally skilled. Poor administration of Botox can lead to the brow muscles becoming so paralyzed that one looks surprised or frightened constantly. Though it may be tempting to take advantage of an inexpensive offer to get rid of your wrinkles, it is a good idea to check the credentials of any doctor who offers one Botox.


Another way to get rid of your wrinkles temporarily is to inject fat, collagen or restylane into the wrinkled area. These injections tend to last for about 6 months before wrinkles reappear. Thus one must keep up injections in order to maintain a smooth skin look. Though restylane, the newest of these drugs, was first thought to last longer than collagen, many find it has approximately the same results and lasts about as long.

You can also try laser resurfacing or chemical facial peels to get rid of your wrinkles. The thought behind these methods is that temporary damage to the skin forces the skin to produce new skin cells. New skin cells give the face a smoother appearance. Actually, for deep-set wrinkles, facial peels or skin resurfacing is seldom effective, though it can clean out the pores, make the skin can look more vibrant, and slow down skin aging.

Often people use laser resurfacing and chemical facial peels to prevent their skin from developing more wrinkles. This has been shown to be somewhat effective. Stimulating new growth of the skin may keep the skin looking younger for longer.

Most effective in getting rid of your wrinkles is a full or partial face-lift. A face-lift cuts the skin at the scalp and then pulls it tighter to smooth the wrinkles. Again, being able to verify the credentials of a surgeon is very important. Some face lifts result in no wrinkles, but instead, the appearance of extremely tight or stretched skin, which can affect, eye, nose and lip shape. A good quality face-lift on the other hand can get rid of your wrinkles and just leave the skin looking younger.

Some also swear by products one can purchase over the counter that contain citric acids, vitamin A, as in retinol, or other abrasives. Others give themselves mini-facials with alpha-hydroxy acids. These mimic a chemical peel but are not as damaging to the skin. These products can produce younger looking skin but usually don’t get rid of your wrinkles.

Over the counter products should be tested on a small patch of skin prior to use on the face. Some women and men develop more sensitive skin as they age and may have adverse reactions to the harsh acids in over the counter products.


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@raynbow- Your best strategy for finding a professional that is skilled in injecting Botox for wrinkles is to look for someone who is in the field of aesthetics. Choosing a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist is your best bet, because both of these professionals understand the basics of beauty and the anatomy of the face.

You should also ask to see before and after pictures of real clients to see the actual results. Most doctors are very willing to share these photos, so if a doctor refuses, you should move on. This may be an indication that either he or she doesn't have many patients who use Botox, or that the results are not worth showing.

Post 1

How can I find a doctor who is qualified to inject Botox, and make sure that his or her credentials measure up? There are so many people out there claiming to be experts in using Botox that it is confusing to try to sort out the good from the bad.

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