Can Full Moons Be a Reason for Erratic Behavior?

The moon, particularly the full moon, does not cause erratic behavior, according to scientists. Throughout history odd behaviors and superstitions have been associated with full moons. Murderers in 18th-century England could be given a lesser sentence by claiming the full moon had caused their behavior. Astronomers and psychologists studying the effects of human behavior and the full moons have found that the moon is completely unrelated to events such as crimes and psychiatric problems.

More about the moon:

  • Only one side of the moon is visible from Earth since the Moon takes exactly the same amount of time to rotate on its axis as it takes to rotate around the Earth.

  • The moon is slowly moving away from the Earth at a rate of about 3.8 cm each year.

  • The moon experiences quakes due to the Earth's gravitational pull. Astronauts visiting the moon have used seismographs and observed small quakes that cause ruptures and cracks along the lunar surface.

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