At What Time Are Watches Set for Sale?

The time that analog watches are set for in advertisements or sales displays is generally 10:10, with the hands at 10 and 2, for a variety of aesthetic reasons. Most brand logos on watches are located in the top center of the watch’s face, so having the time set for 10:10 is thought to frame the logo and draw the eye toward it. Before the 1950s, watches were often set at 8:20 for the same logo framing purposes, but the downward-facing hands were thought to seem more negative. Some advertisers believe that having a watch set at 10:10 appears more positive because it makes the mind think of a smile or "V for victory."

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  • In Apple advertisements, the iPhone generally is set at 9:42 a.m. No reason has been confirmed, although it is speculated that was the exact time the smartphone was first introduced to the public.

  • The first newspaper advertisement was in 1704 in the Boston News-Letter and was for a piece of real estate.

  • It is estimated that about $500 billion US Dollars (USD) is spent on advertising worldwide each year.

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Nice. Now what time are digital watches set to?

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