Are You More Likely to Die from a Shark Attack or a Falling Vending Machine?

No kidding, you are twice as likely to die being crushed by a falling vending machine than being eaten by a shark. The odds of being a shark snack are about 1 in 252 million, but the odds of being crushed while purchasing a frosty soda are about 1 in 112 million. Each year, 2 or 3 people in the US die by a fallen vending machine — most of whom were frustrated customers who shook the machine. It isn't uncommon for no one to die by shark attack in a year.

More Ways To Die:

  • The odds of dying by accidental poisoning are about 1 in 11,000 — about the same number of people who are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year.

  • The odds you will be injured by your washer or dryer badly enough to require a trip to the emergency room are about 1 in 14,470 — about the same odds of dying from an accidental fall.

  • The odds of a man being diagnosed with breast cancer are about 1 in 80,000 — about the same odds of drowning to death.
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