Are US Workers Sleep Deprived?

An estimated 30% of all US workers — more than 40 million people — report sleeping fewer than six hours per night, which meets the National Sleep Foundation’s criteria for sleep deprivation. Seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health. People who work in manufacturing were the most likely to be sleep deprived, especially if they worked night shifts. Black workers, Asian workers and "other" race workers were more likely to report sleeping fewer than six hours per night, compared with white or Hispanic workers.

More about sleep habits in the US:

  • The transportation industry is the most likely industry to have required rest periods. For example, 10% of workers in all professions reported mandatory mid-shift rest periods, compared with 41% of bus or limousine drivers.

  • The average US worker consumes more than three caffeinated beverages per day to stay alert. Train operators were found to consume the most, at an average of 5.4 caffeinated beverages per day.

  • Fifteen percent of married couples in the US report sleeping with a pet each night, and 8% report sleeping with a child.

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