Are Millennials Less Likely to Marry Early?

Members of the Millennial generation are much less likely to be married by age 32 compared to previous generations. In fact, research shows that only 26% of Millennials are married by 32, compared to 36% for Gen X-ers, 48% of Baby Boomers and 60% of the members of the Silent Generation at the same age. Interestingly, researchers estimate that 69% of the unmarried Millennials would like to be married but feel that they are lacking the financial foundation to make it a possibility.

More about Millennials:

  • Millennials as a cohort are more educated than previous generations: 34% of those 25 to 32 years old hold at least a bachelors degree, compared to 25% for Gen X and 24% of Baby Boomers at the same age.

  • Millennials represent America's most racially diverse generation, with 43% recognized as non-white.

  • Millennials tend to trust others less often than previous generations - 40% of Baby Boomers said that most people can be trusted in a research study vs. just 19% of Millennials.

More Info: Pew Research Center

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Look at the numbers to see there is less trust, fewer marriages and the tendencies for narcissism and self-centered lifestyles among millennials too.

More educated? Maybe book smart, but also more indoctrinated, especially when you listen to the rhetoric filled logic they display.

Most racially diverse? Racist talking point, but also realize that many of the non-whites are actually whites like Elizabeth Warren who claim non-white blood, although there is no way to verify one way or the other.

Progress, right?

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