Are Disney Theme Parks Still Popular?

When you think of The Walt Disney Company, you might think first of its lineup of blockbuster movies, from Frozen and Toy Story to The Lion King and Finding Nemo. But the studio entertainment division of the venerable company only brings in about 15 percent of Disney’s gross annual revenue. Perhaps surprisingly, its theme parks and resorts division rakes in twice as much revenue, based on 2014 figures. And in terms of visitor attendance, Disney operates eight of the world's top 10 theme parks.

A media empire that began in 1955:

  • Disney's annual revenue from its theme parks is about six times higher than that of its closest competitor -- Comcast’s Universal Studios theme parks.

  • The largest revenue segment for Disney is its network and cable operations, which includes the Disney Channel and ESPN. Half of the company’s total revenue comes from television.

  • Legendary animator Walt Disney invented modern-day theme parks with the opening of his first Disneyland park in California in 1955.

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