Are Camels Still Used for Transportation?

Kenya is relying on the "ships of the desert" to help tackle a lack of access to books in some of its most remote regions. Residents of the North Eastern Province, which has a literacy rate of only 14.7 percent, are able to borrow books that are brought to them on camelback, thanks to the Camel Mobile Library Service. The camels are a necessity because getting reading materials to the province's nomadic people (mostly ethnic Somalis) means traveling great distances across difficult terrain. The mobile lending library shows up regularly in the form of three camels: one to carry the books, one to carry the tent for the temporary library, and one extra, in case of trouble. They visit up to a dozen locations in the region before returning home to headquarters in Garissa or Wajir.

The benefits of reading:

  • Studies suggest that people who read on a regular basis are two and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

  • A University of Buffalo study showed that reading fiction makes people more empathetic and more open to new emotions.

  • On average, people in India spend about twice as much time reading (10 hours per week) than people in the United Kingdom and United States.

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I'm sure that another study could be made showing that reading true stories could also make people more empathetic and open to new emotions.

The important point is reading is a good thing.

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