Are Any of Daniel Boone's Coonskin Caps Still in Existence?

None of Daniel Boone's coonskin caps are still in existence because the American pioneer didn’t typically wear them. Boone became known for his trailblazing of Kentucky in the 1770s. The Wilderness Road, which he blazed through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, helped lead other pioneer men and women to establish the first settlements in the western part of the United States.

In many books detailing his life, illustrations portray Boone wearing coonskin caps, but historic records indicate he preferred beaver or felt hats with wide brims to keep the sun out of his eyes. The coonskin cap image likely came about because it was a popular style for trappers at the time.

More about Daniel Boone:

  • Boone was one of the only early frontiersmen who could sign his own name, rather than signing land deeds with an “X.”

  • Although Boone’s trailblazing efforts helped many people found homesteads, he actually lost of all the land he acquired in Kentucky due to debts and improper title procedures.

  • Boone eventually settled in present-day Missouri in 1799. At the time, it was under Spanish control, so Boone technically left the US and was considered an immigrant by the Spanish, who made special allowances for him to stay.

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