What are the Different Types of Leather Clothes?

Leather pants are that practical, but they can be popular to wear while visiting night clubs.
Durable, waterproof boots are often made from leather.
Woman in a leather jacket.
Bomber jackets have been popular since the 1920s.
Italian leather may be used to make handbags.
Man in a black leather jacket.
Shoes are often made from leather.
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Many people enjoy the look and feel of leather. This has led to the creation of a wide range of leather clothes and accessories. In fact, there are leather accessories and articles of clothing designed for everyone. Here are a few examples of the different types of leather clothing available today.

Leather jackets and coats are easily one of the most popular examples of leather clothes. The design and cut of the jacket or coat will vary depending on the age, gender, and size of the individual. Men often enjoy the look and feel of a bomber jacket constructed with a leather shell. Both men and women often find that a well-tailored leather trench coat is an ideal option when something a little more formal is required.

Various types of leather can be used in the designs for a leather jacket or trench coat, although Italian leather is often used for the dressier designs. When paired with a set of leather gloves, the look can be timeless and very stylish.


Along with cool weather clothing, leather clothes that are intended for indoor wear are also popular. The leather vest is often a good way to add a bit of flair to jeans, khakis, or skirts. A soft leather shirt looks great when matched with a pair of jeans and leather boots. Leather skirts for girls and women also create an attractive look when matched with leather boots and other accessories. Leather pants, while not necessarily practical, are great options when making the rounds to various nightclubs is in the offing.

Along with leather clothes, many accessories are also made with leather. Many women carry handbags made at least partially of some type of leather. A leather handbag is easy to clean and will only become more appealing as the leather ages. Leather bags for laptop computers provide solid protection and manage to look stylish as the same time. The leather briefcase or portfolio adds a professional touch to business people on the go, while leather hats can be anything from dressy to outlandish in design.

While many types of leather clothes are intended for public wear, there is also a niche market for leather clothing and accessories intended for wear in more intimate moments. Leather thongs, corsets, and masks are available at a number of adult entertainment retail outlets; these types of leather clothing can also be ordered discreetly online.

In terms of cost, leather clothes vary greatly. Often, the price for any leather garment will depend on the quality and choice of leather used and the cut of the clothing. Mass produced leather accessories and garments are often available at affordable prices, while designer items tend to be more expensive.


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