Will an Oatmeal Bath Really Help my Skin?

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Many people enjoy an oatmeal bath because it is very relaxing. But did you know that the oatmeal could help ease skin irritation? The fact is that oatmeal baths are a natural remedy that has been in use among practitioners of folk medicine for years. Here are some examples of what the bath can do for your skin, as well as how to make one.

It is not unusual for people to resort to an oatmeal bath after becoming sunburned. When blended into lukewarm water, the oatmeal in the bath water helps to accomplish two things. First, the oatmeal helps to soothe the irritated skin, effectively drawing heat out of the top epidermal layers. From this perspective, the oatmeal is facilitating the body’s own natural ability to begin recovery even as it provides a measure of relief from the pain.

A second benefit is that the bath helps to prevent the skin from losing any more essential oils. Since sunburns tend to dry out the skin, the loss of any more oil will only exacerbate the problem. By helping the skin to lock in those oils as they are manufactured, the oatmeal makes sure the skin has what is needed to begin repairing the damage.


The oatmeal bath is effective with skin conditions like eczema for the same reasons. By soothing the top layer of skin and also helping the epidermis to retain essential oils, there is less of an opportunity for the skin to become rough, dry, and scaly. The oatmeal can also help to minimize the itchiness that accompanies many types of skin conditions.

Even if you do not have some type of ongoing skin condition, enjoying an oatmeal bath at the end of a long day can help ease both the mind and the body. In addition to helping you unwind, the oatmeal will help even healthy skin to retain a proper balance of essential oils. This will help keep the skin supple and smooth, as well as maintain a healthy glow.

Preparing an oatmeal bath is very simple. The first step is to grind rolled oats into a fine powder. This can be accomplished using a blender, coffee grinder, or food processor. As the lukewarm water begins to fill the tub, scoop the powder into your hands and allow the water from the faucet to wash it gently into the bath water. Doing so will help to evenly blend the powder throughout the bath water. You will know the bath is ready when the water takes on a milky appearance.


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Post 4

My immune system is very low after cancer treatment. i took vitamins/minerals but something in them caused a reaction -a rash broke out from my chest/in my hair/to my top back. It felt like, after you get a hair cut and the little bits of hair get caught in your collar.

Very prickly - on my scalp it constantly was itchy and oozed fluid. The itching is unbearable and I bleed when I scratched. Nothing was working to relieve the itch or heal the skin until a friend suggested an oatmeal shampoo. I couldn't use the shampoo but I did make up the oatmeal, with natural oats. Poured the warm milky liquid over my very sore scalp. It was so soothing

. I wrapped it in a towel and very quickly i began to feel relief. I dabbed the skin on my chest and back. I am now doing this twice a day, then every day until the skin has time to heal because my scalp is so bad. plus my face gets a bonus oatmeal wash as well!
Post 3

My son has severe eczema, and he often takes oatmeal baths whenever he has a flare up. He says its the only thing that can soothe his skin and make him stop itching, at least temporarily.

One thing to remember when you're doing the whole oatmeal bath thing (that we learned the hard way) is to only use oatmeal, not an oatmeal bath soak. Those sometimes contain bath salts, which can be extremely irritating for sensitive skin.

So just bear that in mind when you do an oatmeal bath for eczema -- pure oatmeal, not a soak.

Post 2

Did you know that you can also use the oatmeal bath treatment for dogs? Dogs get itchy too, and an oatmeal bath is a natural, cheap treatment to help them get to feeling better.

It's really easy to give a dog an oatmeal bath. All you do is prepare the bath like you would for yourself, but with lukewarm water -- don't make it too hot or you'll end up irritating your dog's skin further.

Then, place the dog in the bath and let it soak for a while. Every few minutes, scoop up a cupful of the oatmeal water and pour it gently over the dog, from head to tail. Talk gently to the dog while you do

this and pet it to keep it from getting stressed, especially if bath time is scary for them.

After they soak for about 15 minutes, take the dog out, but don't rinse it -- just pat it dry. The oatmeal will dry onto their skin in a protective covering, just like how lotion does on human skin.

This is a great treatment for dogs with dry skin, mange, or dietary allergies -- and can help with flea itch too.

Post 1

I don't know what I would do without my oatmeal bath soak. It's one of those natural remedies that is so great, because it's cheap and effective.

Whenever I get sunburned, or even if I just need a little pick me up for dry skin, I always take an oatmeal bath.

I also recommend many of my clients with eczema to take oatmeal baths -- it really is that soothing for the skin! Many dermatologists also recommend taking oatmeal bath for eczema, so you know that it's not just my odd thing.

Even if you don't feel like taking an oatmeal bath on a regular basis, you can still get some of the good effects of oatmeal for

your skin by using oatmeal bath products. I always use an oatmeal bath soap in the winter just to give my skin that little extra bit of moisture.

I would definitely recommend anybody with dry skin to get some oatmeal based products ASAP -- you'll be shocked at how well it works!

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