Why Should I Have a Website Guestbook?

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A website guestbook is an area on a website that allows visitors to leave their names to indicate they have been to the site. In most cases, it also allows visitors to post their contact information and leave comments. This area can be a helpful addition to any website for a variety of reasons.

One advantage to having a website guestbook is that it provides visitors with a convenient way of communicating with you about any problems they may have encountered while visiting your website. If your website is a business website, the guestbook also provides your customers with an area to leave feedback about you business. Allowing customers to leave feedback on your website is one way to help improve business. The more positive feedback your customers leave, the better potential customers will feel about purchasing from you and your business. In essence, a website guestbook provides you with a means of creating free and unsolicited advertising.

A website guestbook is also good for business because it displays the varied types of customers you serve or visitors you receive at your site. In the case of a business, having international guests leave feedback on your site helps demonstrate that you are adept at working within an international market. In turn, this will help potential international customers feel more confident in your abilities to serve them well.


If your website is strictly for personal use, a website guestbook can still be useful. In addition to providing your visitors with an area to post feedback, it can help you keep track of the types of visitors your website attracts. In this way, you can determine whether your website is set up in such a manner that it attracts the type of traffic you desire.

A website guestbook on a personal website can also be a great way to meet other individuals who share your interests. For example, if your website is devoted to a certain type of hobby or interest, the guestbook can allow others who share your hobby or interest to leave their name and contact information. Using this information, you may be able to strike up a new friendship.


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Post 18

You should have a guestbook for people like me, so we can Google for 'website + guestbook' and post a link to our website on your website.

Post 6

I used to have a guestbook on my website, however, I didn't really like it. The guestbook made my website look "unprofessional." I mean, a lot of websites don't have guestbooks. I ran the guestbook for two years and finally removed it from my website for good.

Post 4

I have a guestbook on the main page of my website and it gets used frequently. I am automatically sent an email when someone signs my guestbook so I know and can respond right away.

I think these online guest books can help people gain trust in you and your site. If you respond to their comments and questions in a timely matter, this increases the trust they have in dealing with someone online.

Post 3

Having a website guestbook on your site is a great way for people who enjoy your site to let you know or to make a comment. If someone does not want to leave an email address, this is a good option for them to make a comment.

Having a free guestbook option is one of the choices I have with my online website. I have received several nice comments from this guestbook. In addition to comments, I have also received questions and this is a great way to build relationships with people who are interested in your products.

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