Why is Wearing a Seatbelt Mandatory in Most States?

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Though vehicles have been equipped with seatbelts for many years, seatbelt laws have only been in existence since 1984, when the state of New York passed the first one. Today, wearing a seatbelt is mandatory by law to some degree in all US States. There are currently 25 states that have a seatbelt law that makes not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense; meaning an officer can issue a citation for not wearing a seatbelt whether or not any other offense was committed. In the remaining states, failure to buckle up can result in a secondary citation.

Though seatbelt laws vary by state, most every state requires passengers under the age of 18 to wear a seatbelt. Some states may regulate the law with variances, such as adults riding as rear seat passengers are not required to wear a seatbelt. In all cases, the laws regarding wearing a seatbelt are mandated and enforced by state government.


Seatbelt laws are based on statistics developed by safety organizations, primarily the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and Departments of Transportation. Statistics compiled by these organizations show that wearing a seatbelt saves lives in most impact collisions. Though there is some evidence that wearing a seatbelt in certain types of crashes may cause significant injury or death, there has been enough evidence that the benefit of wearing a seatbelt far outweighs the risk. Thus, proponents from all states have effectively created laws that mandate the use of seatbelts to one degree or another.

Though seatbelt laws are mandated and enforced by state government, the federal government has supported national campaigns to popularize the concept of seatbelt safety, especially amongst young drivers. “Click it or Ticket” is one such campaign that features radio and television public service ads as well as signs posted along major highways that also highlight the fines associated with violation of seatbelt laws in that area.


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Post 4

I think it should be left up to the driver. If a car or truck is safe, why does it matter. Look at all of the most profound laws that are crazy. Okay, a thirteen year old girl has to get permission to get her ears pierced but if she gets pregnant she does not to get an abortion. What about the good ol' school bus seating capacity 45 to 62 maximum pupils, but only bus driver has a seat belt on? Do the math.

And the motorcycle. Some states require a helmet and some don't. What's up with that? You can't fix stupid. It's just a money scam. The U.S. sold out years ago so now they want to suck what few Americans who drive dry. Only the good Lord Jesus Christ can judge you, not anybody on earth. Amen. Greed and money are the roots of all evil.

Post 2

Seat belts are good because they can save people's lives. I like seat belts.

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