Why is my Home Not Selling?

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Ideally, everyone wants their home to sell fast for the price they expect, but of course actually making that happen is easier said than done. What are some reasons for a home not selling at what the owner feels is a reasonable price? Well, the asking price may just be too high compared with other homes for sale in the same neighborhood, not just in terms of the price alone, but what the buyers will get for their money. Unattractive or outdated decor just doesn't sell and understandably, buyers want the best upgrades and most attractive features they can get for their money. Potential buyers are also put off by problems such as pet odors in the carpets, needed home repairs and cramped, cluttered rooms.

Home staging is often a good solution for a home not selling due to its interior looks. Home stagers can get rid of the clutter and arrange furnishing to make the best of a space. Surprisingly, many home sellers expect their homes to sell easily when they have piles of clutter and/or strange uses for their rooms. For example, you may not need your dining room and have turned it into an office. While this may be fine for you, buyers looking at homes usually want to know that there is actually space for a dining room in the home.


Home buyers are looking for a place that they can easily turn into their dream house and a common reason for a home not selling is that buyers just can't picture themselves living there. You want them to be able to imagine themselves living in your home without a great deal of effort. An interior full of your family photos all over the walls and cluttered with other personal items, it is going to be more reflective of you than of a potential home for the buyer. Clear out and store all the knick-knacks and family mementos and pare down the furniture to basic pieces in each room so that buyers can walk in and imagine their own furniture in the space.

If walls painted odd colors or unattractive kitchen cabinets seem to be turning buyers off, you may need to invest some cash in fixing these problems. You must think of even the smallest detail of reasons for your home not selling. A missing stairway bolster here and a bit of chipped paint there may not seem like much to you, but these things can mean a lot to the potential buyer if they give him or her the overall impression that the home has not been well cared for. Of course, issues such as pet urine-soaked carpeting must be addressed even if it means replacing the carpeting and/or sub-floor. If you can afford the investment, wood flooring as well as new kitchens and bathroom suites are excellent for attracting home buyers.


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