Why Do Some People Prefer to Go without Underwear?

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People prefer to go without underwear for many different reasons, including supposed hygienic benefits and warmth issues. Aesthetically, some people find that the lines caused by underwear are unattractive, but that wearing a thong is uncomfortable. Men who go without underwear are often concerned about heat issues or may believe that wearing no underwear promotes fertility. Women often believe that not wearing it reduces the risk of some infections. Not wearing any is simply more comfortable for some people and need not be justified in any way.

One of the most common reasons people regularly refuse to wear underwear is for hygiene. In areas that are extremely humid, damp, or otherwise likely to collect moisture and heat around the genitals, skipping underwear can promote ventilation and cooling, keeping the area more comfortable. In addition to comfort, not allowing this area to sit damp for long periods of time can prevent the skin from becoming infected. One condition that may occur if underwear is left damp for too long is commonly known as jock itch, and it can be a major annoyance.


Women often find that there are conflicting reports about whether or not wearing underwear is sanitary, but many women have been told not to wear it at night in order to allow the genitals to breathe. This supposedly reduces the chances of getting a yeast infection or vaginal itching problems. Many women were simply brought up to believe that wearing underwear at night is abnormal, so they continue to do so out of habit and personal preference. Even when a person does not explicitly shun underwear for hygienic reasons, there is often a hygienic root at the heart of the decision.

Some men often choose to go without underwear because it is more comfortable. For many men who wear boxers already, going without is not very different from their normal clothing items. Some cultures have specific items of clothing that do not involve underwear, such as kilts, and so men sometimes choose to not wear it for traditional reasons. Many men choose to sleep without underwear or use their underwear as pajamas, often for comfort.

Most people who don't wear underwear simply find that not wearing this article of clothing in certain situations more comfortable. Some people report that they feel sexier when not wearing undergarments, but this is usually not a motivating factor. Fashion may play a role in the choice to wear nothing beneath tight fitting clothing, but special undergarments are typically considered more appropriate. There are many reasons to not wear underwear, but each person typically has a unique argument against this clothing item.


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Post 10

I do not wear underwear because it is more comfortable, sexier, more convenient, and my clothes fit and look better. I keep very clean. Levis or leather jeans/pants are what I wear. I have never experienced any problem.

Post 9

No underwear is so much better. If you just try it a few days you will find comfort in commando.

Post 7

I'm a guy. I started ditching my underwear about four months ago. I'm at the point were the only time I wear any undergear is at work. Going "commando" or "freeballing", as it is referred to, is a personal choice; there are as many reasons for not wearing underwear as there are guys who do it.

In any case, one of the first things you have to address is maintaining a heightened sense of personal hygiene. That "last drop" gets picked off using a tissue or a bit of toilet paper. And even though the "paperwork" is done, you need to really make sure; flushable wipes get it done good. Minor inconveniences, yes, but the alternative, in my humble opinion

, is gross.

I go commando because it feels great. I do it because it's a bit risque -- a bit edgy and somewhat animalistic. I do it because it's fun sometimes to "show" a bit (and have others checking it out).

There is ease of access -- for whatever the reason. But ultimately, for me, it all boils down to comfort. And going commando can lead to other fun behaviors, like sleeping in the buff. Doesn't make much sense to put on underwear after a day without just to climb into bed. Especially when you have someone to cuddle with.

Post 6

It is so much more comfortable without underwear. When I tried it I really loved it. When my wife discovered I was underwearless, she became upset. Her reasoning was what if you forget to zip up your zipper? I just shake my head and tell her I won't but that wasn't enough. Now when she's around I wear my underwear, but when she's gone none.

Post 5

I am so much more comfortable going without underwear. I usually wear baggy shorts, nothing tight. Keeping my area free is so much better.

Post 4

My husband doesn't wear underwear under his pajamas or when he's just lounging around the house in shorts or sweat pants. He finds it very freeing, and he says it is so comfortable.

I can see how it would feel much better to a man to go without underwear. If I were a man, I probably wouldn't wear it, either.

Post 3

I know that girls without underwear don't have to deal with panty lines showing through their slacks. This had always been a big issue for me, so I decided to try it.

The seam in my slacks rubbed against me, and it was so uncomfortable! I just couldn't go through another day like this.

So, I bought some seamless underwear that is made to avoid panty lines. It's a really good option for someone who isn't comfortable going totally without underwear but who wants the seamless look.

Post 2

@StarJo – I suppose that is a risk, but it is highly unlikely. I know for a fact that women without underwear have fewer yeast infections, because I am one of them.

I used to get infections two or three times a year. As soon as I heard that I could avoid this by skipping the underwear, I tried it. I did not get one yeast infection last year, which was my first year without underwear.

Post 1

It would be nice to cut down on the number of yeast infections I get, but I just can't bring myself to go without underwear in public. I just have a horror of ripping my pants or of my skirt flying up in the wind and exposing everything!

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