Why do Some People get Drunk Faster Than Others?

Research shows that some people are genetically predisposed to getting drunk more easily than others. About 10-20 percent of people are believed to have a specific gene that makes their liver break down alcohol faster, meaning that they feel drunk long before others do.

More facts about alcohol:

  • Having an alcoholic parent almost quadruples a child's chance of becoming an alcoholic.

  • Death from alcohol-related causes is most common among black adult males, though white adult males tend to drink more.

  • Girls who start dieting early — when they're 10-13 years old — are more likely to abuse alcohol later in life than their peers.
More Info: www.bbc.co.uk

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What about those who seem to handle alcohol better than others? Seems as if they're often the ones who end up being alcoholics because it takes more and more alcohol for them to feel the effect.


There is also some data which show that certain heritages give their people a different ability to handle alcohol because of its carbohydrates. Native Americans didn't use alcohol until the colonists gave it to them, and they drank it with disastrous (for them) results.

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