Why Aren’t Unusual Kit Kat Flavors Available in the United States?

Kit Kat ads in the United States feature candy eaters begging for a "break," but what they might secretly want is equality. That's because fans of the chocolate-covered wafer bars all over the world get to choose from a variety of flavors that Americans aren't treated to, including cookie dough, sake, and green tea. It's not about creativity; it's about contracts. In 1988, the Nestlé company bought Kit Kat creator Rowntree, but Hershey already had the rights to produce the candy in America, so Nestlé had to keep its sticky hands off. That's why, if you look at the Kit Kat packaging from anywhere else in the world, you'll see the Nestlé label. In the United States, it reads: Hershey. As of 2019, there are no plans to add to the current Kit Kat flavors available in America, which include regular milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and strawberry.

Krazy about Kit Kats:

  • Rowntree's original Kit Cat was a box of chocolates in 1920; it failed, and in 1935, the now-famous wafer bar was first offered.

  • Kit Kats were originally marketed as "the best companion to a cup of tea" and "the biggest little meal."

  • American Kit Kat bars have four pieces, but the number varies around the world; in Australia and New Zealand, for example, there's a 12-piece bar intended for sharing.

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Ordered Asian flavored Kit Kats (tea flavored) from Amazon for my son for Christmas 2018. Very tasty if you like tea and seaweed!

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