Why are White Cars Popular?

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White is a popular color for cars worldwide, particularly in North America and Japan. There are many reasons why this is so, but ultimately, each car buyer has his or her own reasons for selecting a specific hue. Some commonly stated reasons for the popularity of white cars include the resale value of a classic color, proven safety, and environmental factors. They are also thought of as being easier to keep looking clean.

According to the DuPont Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, a recognized authority on car color preferences, the color white — along with black and silver — is popular worldwide. These colors have a universal appeal. White, together with variations such as pearl white, is an especially popular color choice in North America, Japan, and India.

One of the reasons white cars are popular is that the color has a classic, timeless appeal. According to many buyers, it never really goes out of style and, particularly in areas experiencing economic difficulty, white is seen as a safe choice. Pearl white is also perceived as a luxurious, high end color that can add to a car's value. These could be important considerations for those who purchase cars and plan to keep them for a longer period of time; white can also help to preserve a vehicle's resale value when compared to more trendy color choices.


Another reason for the popularity of this color is safety. White has a high visibility on the road, especially at night and in most kinds of inclement weather. This makes a white car statistically less likely to be involved in an accident than cars with darker colors.

Another factor influencing the enduring popularity of white vehicles is the fact that they are easier to keep cool in hot, sunny weather. The color tends to reflect the sun's heat, rather than absorbing it as a darker color does. This makes the car more comfortable in the heat, and it also lessens the vehicle's environmental impact since it may require less air conditioning, and less gas, to cool it to a comfortable temperature.

Many buyers also say they like white because it's a "clean" color. The lightness of the shade adds to the perception of freshness and cleanliness, and it doesn't show many kinds of dust as readily as darker colors. This can mean it has to be washed less often, which is a timesaver for people with busy schedules. It can also be beneficial for the environment since less car washing can decrease water consumption.


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Post 4

White is so flashy, but so nice!

Post 3

@BrickBack -I also think that white sports cars draw less attention than red sports cars. I don’t remember where I heard it but people that drive red cars as opposed to white cars get more tickets especially if they drive a sports car.

Post 2

@Suntan12 - I also like white cars because they do always look clean. With a black car for example, you see all of the dust, but with a white car you don’t. I think that a white car is more stylish and doesn’t look as dated as another color would.

Post 1

I always buy white cars. I live in Florida and the sun is really strong at times and a white car is so much cooler.

It is a popular color because when I went to buy my car I had to go to three dealerships before I found a dealership that was able to find me my car in white. The car dealers said that they could not keep that color in stock.

I also like silver for the same reason, but I prefer white. I also think that when a white car is clean it looks brand new.

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