Why Are the Plastic Twist Ties on Bread Different Colors?

The color of a plastic twist tie or tag on a loaf of bread can actually tell you the day on which the bread was baked. In the United States, the common color scheme is blue for Mondays, green for Tuesdays, red for Thursdays, white for Fridays and yellow for Saturdays. Though it's not clear why the system does not include Wednesdays or Sundays, some say that it is because bakers used to not work on those days.

More facts about bread:

  • The average American eats more than 50 pounds (22 kg) of bread a year, with much of that coming from the more than 45 billion sandwiches Americans eat every year.

  • One bushel of wheat is enough to make more than 70 loaves of bread.

  • Sales from bread in the U.S. alone amount to more than $17 billion US Dollars (USD) annually.
More Info: www.snopes.com, www.consumerist.com

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