Whose Bodies Have More Water: Men or Women?

Men have a higher percentage of water in their bodies than women. The bodies of an adult males average about 60 to 65 percent water, and adult females average about 55 to 60 percent. Those averages are affected by the amount of fat tissue carried — fat will not hold as much water as muscle tissue. This means that the body of an adult male who has low body fat and a reasonable amount of muscle mass will contain more water than a male who has low muscle mass and a greater amount of body fat.

More facts about water in human bodies

  • Infants and young children contain a greater percentage of water than adults. The body of a baby might be as much as 80 percent water.

  • A greater percentage of water in the body allows adult males to drink more alcohol than women and delay inebriation. In addition to body size, the greater amount of water stored in the muscle tissue helps dilute the alcohol, delaying the sensation of being drunk.

  • The average adult requires a minimum of 2 quarts (1.89 liters) of water each day for the mind and body to function properly. In arid climates, additional water might be required to maintain a proper balance.

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Some fruits (like watermelon) and vegetables (like cucumbers) are good for hydration also.

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