Who Was the First Person Enrolled in Medicare?

Former US President Harry Truman was the first person to enroll in Medicare. He was enrolled by President Lyndon Johnson during the ceremony in which Johnson signed Medicare into law in 1965. Since then, enrollment has grown to over 47 million people.

More facts about Medicare and similar programs:

  • The first person to receive any kind of payment from the US Social Security program, another US Federal-aid program, was Ernest Fuller, who received a one time lump payment of $0.17 US Dollars (USD). The first person to get ongoing benefits was Ida Fuller, who started collecting benefits in 1940.

  • Around 90% of people enrolled in Medicare have at least one chronic condition, while half have three or more.

  • Medicare is credited with indirectly helping end desegregation in the US, since it required all healthcare providers to treat its members regardless of race.

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Post 5

Thank God for LBJ and liberals. Too bad that the Democratic Party is not as liberal as it should be. I'm holding out for Socialism.

Post 3

We can all blame the liberal democrat LBJ and his party for all the economic mess we have been in for many years. This country is bankrupt -- no real money anywhere here. Other countries think we are a joke. Nice parade and floats they had for us over there in Germany, making fun of us.

Post 2

What date did Ernest Fuller receive his lump sum? "helping end desegregation in the US"?

Post 1

All people should receive adequate health care even if they have never been able to pay into the national insurance.

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