Who Sleeps More: the Unemployed or the Employed?

Unemployed people sleep more than employed people — about 9 hours, 20 minutes per day, compared with about 8 hours, 20 minutes for employed people. People who are unemployed or retired also spend more time watching TV than people who are employed — about 225 minutes per day — which takes up about one-fourth of their waking hours.

More facts about employment and sleep:

  • The unemployed also spend very little time exercising every day, with the average unemployed person spending a little more than 20 minutes per day on exercise.

  • Contrary to economists' expectations, the unemployed do not appear to be spending more time on things such as cooking or housework. In fact, time spent in the kitchen or doing yardwork actually dropped slightly to about 108 minutes a day among the unemployed.

  • As of 2010, almost one-fourth of those unemployed spent 30 minutes or less per day looking for a job. Another one-fourth spent four hours or more per day looking for a job, with the rest falling somewhere in between.

More Info: www.bls.gov

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I think it's actually the opposite, since the unemployed need fewer sleeping hours due to not using energy. Also it is the same for consuming food. People who don't work eat less than someone who works daily.

So forget you. The world is a conspiracy. They built the hominid skeletons and buried them when they started asking from where did the man come from.


The unemployed probably sleep more because they are depressed about their situation. Who wants to do yard work then?

David Russo

I'd have to say the employed who also nap at work.

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