Who Owns the Most Land on Earth?

Queen Elizabeth II of England legally owns the most land on Earth—as leader of 32 countries, the Queen is owner of 6.6 billion acres of land, or about one-sixth of the entire land surface on Earth. The land ownership is the largest empire in history and dates back to the Norman Conquest of 1066. This established the feudal state, in which an inherited monarch retains ownership of land that is passed down generationally. Among the land that is owned by Queen Elizabeth II are the second and third largest countries in the world: Australia combined with its Antarctic territories, and Canada.

More about the highest land ownership:

  • There is theoretically enough land on Earth for every single person to own four acres each, using 2050 population projections of nine billion.

  • Media mogul Ted Turner is the American with the largest land ownership, and ranks 24th in the world in terms of owning the most land on Earth.

  • Around 22% of the Earth’s land area is owned by about 15 people, mainly consisting of monarchs.

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