Who is Ron Paul?

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Ron Paul is a doctor from Texas who also happens to be a member of Congress, despite wrangling to displace him as a Representative. The Republican Party often runs other candidates against Ron Paul, yet he continues to get elected. He is a Constitutionalist, someone who believes in strict adherence to the Constitution. This has earned him the nickname “Dr. No,” because as his voting record shows, he consistently votes no on measures and funding bills that are not strictly in line with the Constitution.

Dr. Paul is very conservative and principled in his stances. He also puts his money where his mouth is, according to his supporters. As someone who stands firmly against welfare, at least at the federal level, he has treated some patients free of charge rather than accept Medicaid.

An oft-told story accuses him of refusing to give Mother Theresa a Congressional Medal of Honor. He actually refused every such medal, because medals and ceremonies can cost tens of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars and are not authorized spending under the Constitution. After voting no, he took money out of his own pocket and asked other members of Congress to join him in contributing private funds to obtain the medals.


Very outspoken, Ron Paul is described by supporters as a true statesman rather than a politician. He seems to have few friends in Congress, but says he did not go to Washington D.C. to make friends. This and the above has earned him another nickname, the “taxpayer’s friend.”

Once a member of the Libertarian Party, some Libertarians now disagree with Ron Paul's stances on immigration, abortion, and same sex marriage. Ron Paul is adamantly pro-life. However, he does believe that this as well as same-sex marriage are issues best left to the states, as per the Constitution, specifically Article I, Section 8, and the Tenth Amendment.

As far as illegal immigration, Ron Paul embraces protecting the borders. He doesn’t believe in amnesty, and feels that those who come here illegally should not be rewarded for breaking the law. He doesn’t believe America can be strong in the War on Terror with open borders and that American troops should defend the homeland instead of being the world’s police force or engaging in nation building.

Ron Paul formed an exploratory committee in January of 2007. He announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential election in March of 2007. He has received precious little media coverage as a presidential hopeful. Supporters believe that the American people are ready for a change and that Ron Paul has something to offer everyone.


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Post 12

Finally!! This is a man after my own heart; less federal government dictatorship, less government wasteful spending and protection for our borders! Do you think the Inaugural Ball will be held in Texas... it's a long drive from Tennessee but it will be worth it! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Post 11

CNN and FOX are in for a big present wed morning.... ROCK ON President Ron Paul.... I wonder what the story will be.. ahhahahahaa

Post 10

I have looked at the other major candidates. They are Professional Politicians who serve parties and not the country. They (REPs/Demos) respond to no one and cannot be trusted to be honest or moral. To them the voter is a non-entity - "Why give the money back to the people?" "Only the governement knows how to spend it correctly!"

Ron Paul is not a professional politician-he is a statesman- talk from other candidates is smoke and mirrors and lies. I have a memory that works! I remember the things that they are trying to cover up with big talk and words. They have had 50 years to "MAKE Changes" and they did not change a thing! Continuing the

same old failures is all they profess. They have comprimised the constitution. It is a great document and the current breed of festering fools we call Profession Politicians have perverted to their own means.

We have all talked about firing these famous lengendary liers in congress, well here is the opportunity to do just that! Slap them down, send them home and let them take their crap with them. If they REALLY believe in what they say, we will know it when they start doing all the things they profess belief in with their own income, in their own neighborhoods, and in their own homes. They will do it publicly like opening their military records, taking drug tests, and being in the front line to PEROFRM the dirty jobs they give to the Military!

Ron Paul is the wave of the real America. Remove the debris from congress. Vote for a real change and real government by the poeple. Lets go back to; for the poeple, by the people, and of the people, and trash the current DEMs/Reps philosophy of "governemnt over the people".

Vote with your brain not with their rhetoric! Think about what you got from the Dems/Reps so far, think about what you are going to get tomeoorow. It is clearly time to change direction away from the status quo and grow back America.

Post 9

Ron Paul speaks the truth. I have never seen a politician speak the truth so to speak. We need to follow the Constitution people! Get Ron Paul's name out there and let everyone you know understand what he is about. Revolutions don't start at the top.

Post 8

In researching Libertarian candidates for 2008, I came upon the views of Ron Paul. America needs to wake up and spend a few minutes to read this gentleman's views. It is time we put someone like this in the oval office instead of government puppets mimicking all the past mistakes year after year; the economy, our government, the American people, our soldiers (who I think need to come home, that was not our war to get involved in) we need someone genuine who will stand up for the constitution and give the government back to the people. Do you honestly think the top running Presidential candidates have the American people in their best interest? Economically, are you better off now than you were 5 years ago?

Post 7

I just heard of Ron Paul for the first time through the online frenzy. I am happy to find the one person who i think really belongs in the oval office. We really need to let everyone know how wonderful he is and stop all the career politicians from center stage hogging. wow i never thought there is anyone out there that has all of my interests at heart. We as a nation forgot our own rights and let the dumb majority take over our minds, personal lives and rights and most important our freedom & free will. come on we are going towards soviet regime. people wake up before its too late we are in trouble! RON PAUL is my choice

Post 6

I do not even understand why Ron Paul is labeled and considered a "constitutionalist." By this, they've insinuated that others are not and have not been following the Constitution. In fact, it has been, and is being, demonstrated openly by the actions of our government and its agents that the truth IS that our leaders have lost touch with the constitution. The sadness, and in fact rage, I feel is due to the seeming inaction by us Americans against this disintegration of our core rights and laws. SHOULDN'T ALL OF US, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN GOVERNMENT, BE FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION?!!!!

Post 5

Ron Paul is the citizen's breath of fresh air since he is the best Candidate to repeal all past Presidential Proclamations/Orders that make and keep this FDR Unconstitutional Dictatorship in vogue and the man to make it illegal for government to make any kind of Emergency Powers in the future for the sake of the sovereign citizens, and their respective states, where they are domicile.

All the other Candidates are doing presently is parroting his campaign in relation to Constitutional Rights. He is the "real McCoy" when it comes to Constitutional government. Vote Ron Paul. From: Roger Roth, from the Commonwealth of Iowa; state, republic.

Post 3

Ron Paul is the candidate that speaks with a true purpose, to represent the American people and to actually work towards a goal of strengthening the people by making sure that Freedom and Liberty go hand in hand. I listen to him and see nothing but a real person, no fake politics, and I very much have gained a respect for Ron Paul! Bring us back to reality and live the Constitution like a warrior, never letting our freedom and liberty die.

Post 2

Ron Paul is absolutely the best choice for President in 2008. Check out his videos, or just "google" him. He will reduce the size of the federal government so all of us can keep more of the paycheck that we earn in addition to adopting a foreign policy that is NOT based on nation-building. God bless you sir!

Post 1

The Ron Paul campaign is growing by leaps and bounds. You can help by joining your local meetup group, donating the campaign, and telling every person you know about him. Yard signs and bumper stickers are also a highly effective way of earning name recognition.

Educate yourself on the issues by reading Ron Paul's speeches and articles.

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