Who is Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda?

N. Madison
N. Madison

Born in 1946, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is a man who claims to be Jesus Christ. He is the leader of Creciendo en Gracia, a cult movement based in Miami, Florida. His name is surrounded by controversy, as his followers assert that he is the living incarnation of Jesus Christ and his opponents accuse him of being a heretic, a former criminal, and a heroin addict. Miranda has been quoted as claiming to be both God in the flesh and the Antichrist; he has a tattoo of the number 666 on his arm.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda's opponents say he is addicted to heroin.
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda's opponents say he is addicted to heroin.

Miranda’s earliest days were quite different from what one might expect from God in the flesh. He lived in Puerto Rico in impoverished conditions as a child, going on to be arrested for drug use. He was also imprisoned for petty theft. He claims that the power of God delivered him from the grips of his heroin addiction, resulting in his ordainment as a Pentecostal minister and his membership in the Southern Baptist Church before he founded his own ministry.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda lived in Puerto Rico as a child.
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda lived in Puerto Rico as a child.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda doesn’t tend to shrink from the controversy surrounding his assertions. Instead, he seeks to explain them away. For example, he does not dispute calling himself the Antichrist. Instead, he says the term applies to him because people are supposed to reject the Jewish teachings concerning Jesus of Nazareth and follow the teachings of Paul the apostle. As such, Miranda claims that he is the Antichrist because he does not follow the Jewish teachings; he denies any satanic relationship.

Miranda has even shown himself to be adept at explain the “666” tattoo that is displayed on his forearm. He says the number does not represent Satan. Instead, he states that “666” represents the Antichrist, which he claims is actually the non-Jewish Jesus Christ. Miranda has even turned the tables on such religious icons as the Catholic Church, calling it evil and instructing his followers to burn and destroy pictures of the Pope. He also asserts that sin does not exist, stating that crime is only wrong in the eyes of society, not necessarily in the eyes of God.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda has followers in more than 30 different countries. He considers Miami the center of his religious organization. Miranda refers to the children in his church as the super race because they are pure and lacking what he calls the stain of religion. However, he also has many detractors who call him a con man, cult leader, blasphemer, and the devil himself.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda claims to be Jesus Christ.
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda claims to be Jesus Christ.
N. Madison
N. Madison

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According to Scriptures, provided they are not fabricated, Jesus actually had to prove to people empirically, by manipulating the physical environment, that he was Jesus by performing all those miracles. It wasn't initially faith-based. Supposedly, people actually saw him resurrect the dead, heal and repair the sick instantaneously, walking on water, talking to God, who actually appeared in front of a crowd, when the sky opened up, and so on.

At this point, this is the thing that distinguishes Jose Miranda from Jesus 1. If Jose Miranda could do something like this as well, meaning providing this kind of physical proof, this would totally kill those who don't get the impression that he might be Jesus 2.


Jose Luis De Miranda is a victim of human imagination that turned into delusions. It happens to many people. It's great that he was actually able to do something with it, like make a decent living out of it, but normally it's a real nightmare.

I try to stick to science as much as possible, and atheism, and rely on my own judgment as far as assessing the environment is concerned. At least science manipulates the physical, which you can detect by means of five senses yourself, and test it yourself as well.


This was predicted in the days of old, in the days of the apostles. Many false christs shall arise and the bible warns that if they say there he is, do not go there because the real Jesus Christ is coming with a multitude of angels to take the righteous home and on His thigh is imprinted the words "King of kings and Lord of lords" and every eye will see Him and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. So forget this man (Jose Luis de Jesus), who is obviously driven by a false spirit and look forward to the coming of the real Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


if you look up the original bible codes it repeatedly says the words, "Birth", "1946"," Devil", "jose", "miranda". Do these bible codes refer to the devil being born called jose miranda who claims to be jesus? note the bible codes found are under the column 666.


Unless he can raise the dead and make the blind see this man is the biggest jackass on the planet bar none. if anyone believes him, they are ignorant of the bible


He is someone that is a dangerous con-man. His teachings are cult-like.


Beware of this man. He was predicted by the bible that he was coming and claim to be Jesus.

This man is the evil one. Jesus is coming soon, but he is coming for all the world to see him in the clouds. Don't be fooled by this liar.

Read the bible ---The true Jesus prepared us for him and warned us against him. The true Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the father in Heaven until the right time. Please read the bible---you will see that you are being fooled. This is just another prediction that has come true according to the bible. Salvation comes only from the true Jesus in Heaven who died on the cross for our sins. Jesus said those who stay true to the faith will have salvation - but many will be fooled.

Do not put 666 on your body anywhere for you will doomed for worshiping the false Jesus and not the true Christ who is yet to come. Jesus warned you not to be deceived by him.

The bible has warned us many times of the antichrist. Do not worship this liar.

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