Who Does the US Government Spend More on: the Elderly or Children?

The US government spends about 2.4 times more on the elderly than on children. Most developed countries tend to spend more on their aging populations than on their youth, but the US has one of the highest differences, with just Greece and Japan spending comparatively more on the elderly than on children. Children’s social programs in the US tend to be funded more often by state and local governments, but spending for seniors was mainly federal. Spending on the senior and disabled populations is projected to continue to increase because of a rise in average lifespans, and spending on children is projected to decrease &mash; particularly educational spending.

More about US spending:

  • The US spent twice as much on defense in 2011 than on children, but defense spending was only about half as much as what was spent on federal programs for the elderly.

  • In terms of US federal spending only, the aging population receives $7 US Dollars (USD) for every $1 USD spent on children.

  • Public schooling tends to be the largest children-related expense for local and state governments, with average spending at $7,154 USD per child in 2008.

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I get so incensed reading articles about how the government is 'spending' for the elderly. The 'elderly' receive SS benefits for which they *paid* into the system for their entire working life. A recent study showed that for the most SS contributors now retired, had they put that same money away in a private investment earning 5 percent per year compounded interest, they would have more than four times the income over what we are receiving from SS. As for the other 'elderly' benefit that I receive, Medicare, it costs me over $125 per month after paying into the system since about 1965.

As for the children, wow. When I went to both junior high and senior high school, my mother packed me a sack lunch or gave me lunch money. I walked to school or my mother gave me bus money if the weather was too bad to walk the 2 miles to school.

I am not moved by your comparison of what the 'elderly' versus 'children' receive from our federal government. For the children, it is truly an entitlement. For us 'elderly', we damn well earned it.

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Maybe one day politicians will 'grow up'.

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