Who are the 3 Fat Chicks?

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The "3 fat chicks" are Amy, Jennifer, and Suzanne Barnett, three overweight sisters who decided to form their own dieting website,, in 1997. Following the success of this website, they decided to write a book which they called 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet detailing the trials and tribulations of losing weight. The sisters, who hail from Tennessee, talked to women all over the U.S. from all walks of life to find out about their dieting successes and struggles.

The Barnett sisters had grown up on typically fattening southern style food. This type of food left all three with serious weight problems. They realized fairly early in life that they needed to shape up and slim down; they tried virtually every diet out there. This was to no avail, however, and their weight problems continued. They started as a way to keep track of their own dieting progress and also to post words of encouragement to each other.

The 3 fat chicks website is large and informative and covers a wide range of dieting topics. They rate cookbooks, diet books, food, and fashion as well as fitness books and weight loss products. In addition, they cover topics such as weight loss surgery and diet pills and provide information about various medical conditions that can contribute to weight issues. There is also an extensive list of stores and catalogs that carry plus size clothing.


When the three sisters' photos and website made the cover of USA Today, they became an Internet sensation. Countless other women sought out their site and posted their own positive and negative comments about their own struggles. The weight loss forums on boasts over 10,000 members.

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet became a huge success and led even more women to seek out the website for more inspiration. The book contains helpful information from women who struggle with obesity. It has a lengthy question-and-answer section that includes material gleaned from the forums on their website and the results of a website survey. Their book also lists healthy ways to snack and how to stick to a diet when dining out.

Amy, Jennifer, and Suzanne are very positive and encouraging on their website and in their book. They offer weight loss support and promote healthy eating and high self esteem. They can relate to those who have been made fun of and bullied because of their weight. They have turned being called the 3 fat chicks into a positive experience and are proud of the success they have achieved.


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