Who Accounts for the Most Healthcare Spending?

In the United States, the care of 5% of Americans accounted for half of the country's healthcare spending in 2008 and 2009. The 5% was dominated by older people who have chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, and many of them use public healthcare services. Other analysts note that purchases of prescription drugs also make up a significant amount of healthcare costs.

More about healthcare spending:

  • The highest percentage of people who have pre-existing health conditions in are those who have insurance through their employers.

  • About 1% of Americans accounted for 21.8% of medical costs in 2009.

  • About 75% of the people in the bottom half of healthcare spending in 2008 remained in that segment in 2009.

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@anon29949: I could not agree with you more. My parents grow their own food, use no pesticides, do not get immunized, and they are in great health. Prescription medicine is not the best thing.

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So what does that mean? We shouldn't take care of them? Pro-life means all life. The elderly have more than contributed to society and to their families. Our oldest citizens should be given respect, not made to feel as if they are a burden!

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The only good doctor is a truly dead one. For if you don't know, think hard about the truth which is: Dead doctors don't lie.

I haven't been to a doctor in over thirty years, and I guarantee it is the only way to stay healthy and alive. Hospitals and doctors only kill people. In my 67 years, I helped with all the elderly in the family and was the one who drove them to and from their doctors and listened to them all being lied to.

Worst of all, they were put on drugs which the doctors never educated themselves about, and if they did read the instructions, they didn't care. They were only doing so for the profit. All instructions would be very clear not to take if one is on a particular drug. Bingo! The doctors had put you on all so he would have a great profit from the drug companies he or she was invested in.

Grow your own food if you can, and use no pesticides. Drink filtered and or boiled water and for damn sure, take no vaccines. I haven't had the flu or a cold since high school.

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