Which State Has the Most Same-Sex Couples Raising Children?

About three million same-sex couples in the US were estimated to have been raising a child in 2010, with Mississippi being the state with the highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children. Mississippi had about 26% of the its same-sex couples raising children, followed by Wyoming at 25%, Alaska at 23% and Idaho and Montana at 22%. States with the lowest percentages of same-sex couples that were raising children in 2010 included Maine with 17% and Florida at 18%.

More about same-sex couples raising children:

  • Washington, D.C., had a lower percentage of same-sex households with children than any state, at less than 9%.

  • Same-sex couples are estimated to be four times more likely than opposite-sex couples to be raising adopted children.

  • The US metropolitan area with the highest percentage of same-sex couples with kids under age 18 is the San Antonio, Texas, area with 33%. Two of the cities with the largest gay and lesbian populations, San Francisco and New York, did not make the top 15.

More Info: census.gov

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