Which Presidents Were Married in the White House?

The only U.S. president to be married in the White House was Grover Cleveland. He was 49 years old, but his bride, Frances Folsom, was only 21. President Cleveland had actually known Folsom since she was a baby and had bought her parents a baby carriage as a gift when she was born. The music for the wedding was provided by the Marine band, which was led by John Phillip Sousa.

More on Presidential weddings:

  • The only two other presidents to marry while in office were John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson, though neither actually got married in the White House.

  • When Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia got married, her wedding dress was flown to Washington D.C. in a first class seat and was guarded by a group of Secret Servicemen.

  • The first White House wedding was for James Monroe's daughter Maria. It led to social scandal and a great deal of bad feeling in Washington because of the extremely exclusive guest list.

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