Which Olympic Sporting Event Requires the Most Physical Capabilities?

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It would be impossible to name one specific Olympic sporting event which demands the most physical capabilities from its participants, but there are several contenders. Decathlon, heptathlon, weightlifting, and water polo are all very demanding events. Every Olympic sporting event requires a certain amount of natural ability and physical skill set from competitors, although many athletes who specialize in one type of event tend to train for the specific demands of that event. Cyclists, for example, develop strong leg muscles and cardiovascular stamina, but they may not have significant upper body strength.

If the criteria for the most demanding Olympic sporting event was overall physical ability, then the men's decathlon or the women's heptathlon would certainly qualify. Competitors in those events must learn the proper techniques for numerous track and field events, even if their particular body type is not suited for specialization in any of them. An ideal decathlete or heptathlete must have both speed and endurance, along with a working knowledge of field events such as the shot put and javelin throw.

If the determining factor is brute physical strength, then the heavyweight division in weightlifting would be a candidate for the most demanding Olympic sporting event. Successful weightlifters must develop tremendous upper and lower body strength to perform each style of lift safely. The sport is so physically demanding that most competitors need many hours of rest between lifts just to recover from the strain of a two-minute competition lift.


Some might argue that form follows function when it comes to sports, so the athletes with the most perfectly developed bodies must need them to perform their events well. It is said that the sculptor commissioned to create two nude torsos of a male and female athlete for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia used a model from the men's water polo team and a model from women's track and field.

More than one sports professional at the time suggested the reason a player from the men's water polo team was selected is because the sport demands a significant amount of physical skills, from strong swimming technique to upper and lower body strength. The limited time-outs and substitutions mean that water polo players must spend a long time treading water in a pool while using their upper bodies to maneuver the ball. If one Olympic sporting event could be said to require the most physical skills, one could made a strong argument for water polo.


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Post 4

I enjoy working out in the gym and lifting weights, so I am fascinated watching the weightlifters. I was just recently watching the Olympics when a weightlifter dropped the bar on his neck.

It was amazing that he was not seriously hurt. I don't know how these weightlifters can lift as much weight as they do. They make it look fairly easy, but I know how much strength and energy they are using for just one big lift like that.

When it comes to all around strength and endurance, I don't know how they would compare. I don't know if most weightlifters would do very well in a long distance running event.

Post 3

There seem to be new Olympic sporting events added each year the Olympics come around. I think it would be hard to determine which one required the most physical strength.

All of the athletes are in so much better shape than the average person, that I don't know how they would ever determine which one required the most strength or endurance.

Post 2

If you have ever played water polo before, you know how demanding of a sport this can be. For someone who is just watching, it may not look like you are doing much, but your body is constantly moving and in motion for long periods of time.

Water polo is one of the Olympic sports that you don't seem to hear as much about. It doesn't seem to be as popular as gymnastics or many of the other swimming events, but the athletes who compete in this sport have a lot of strength and endurance.

Post 1

I always look forward to watching the Olympics and find myself getting caught up in the competition. I am not one who watches TV very often, but this is not the case when the Olympics are on.

I am fascinated by the strength and discipline the Olympic athletes have. It is hard to comprehend the amount of time and sacrifices they have made to become an Olympic athlete.

I can certainly see how a participant in a decathlon or heptathlon would require a great amount of physical strength. They have to excel at several different sports instead of concentrating on just one.

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