Which Gets Better Gas Mileage: Cars with Automatic Transmissions or Manual Transmissions?

Cars with manual transmissions get noticeably better gas mileage than those with automatic ones — about 2-5 mpg (about o.80-2.0 kpl) better, in fact. This is because the driver has more control over the shifting in a car that has a manual transmission, but with an automatic transmission, the car waits until the driver starts pushing down on the gas or the car hits a preset point of speed or rotations per minute.

Other facts about gas mileage:

  • The United States consumes almost 19 million barrels of oil per day but produces only about 7 million.

  • The country with the most expensive gas price in the world is Eritrea, where gas can cost as much as $10 US Dollars per gallon (about 4 liters). Norway and Denmark are the next runners-up, with gas prices of about $7 USD per gallon (about four liters).

  • The cheapest gas in the world is found in Venezuela, where gas can be found for about 6 US cents a gallon (about four liters).

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