Which Fruit Is the Most Popular in the US?

Bananas have overtaken apples as the most popular fruit in the US, according the US Department of Agriculture. In 2010, Americans ate an average of 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of bananas. The popularity of bananas can be due to their skin making them easy and less messy to carry around. Bananas are also less expensive than other fruits, which are only available during certain seasons.

More about popular fruits:

  • According to 2012 data collected by the USDA, Americans ate an average of 46.5 pounds (21 kg) of fruit, whereas in 1970 the average was 34 pounds (15 kg).

  • The second most popular fruit in the US is apples.

  • Mangoes are the most popular fruit worldwide, with bananas only ranking third.

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While reading this article, it kind of leads me to wonder what the least popular fruit in the U.S. is. Even though it all comes down to speculation, my guess would be that it's one of those weird exotic fruits many people don't discuss often, such as papaya or star fruit. Speaking of tropical fruit, it certainly doesn't surprise me that mangoes are the most popular fruit worldwide. Believe it or not, they're my favorite fruit as well.

Not only are they quite refreshing, but even more so, they go great in salads, and are good for making into smoothies. Though I have never cared for bananas that much, the article does a good job at explaining their popularity, and some of the reasons why. Also, it's true that bananas are easy to carry around, and don't make a mess. As much as I love mangoes, they're definitely not something you can just eat on the go.

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It's funny that bananas are the most popular fruit in the U.S. I'm probably in the minority when I say I don't like them at all. However, that's only when I eat bananas by themselves. Generally speaking, I would say that my favorite fruit is pineapple.

It has a rather refreshing taste, goes well with just about anything, and is an even better treat if you put it in the freezer. While different people have different preferences, it still surprises me quite a bit that apples and bananas rank so high. While I'm not quite sure about the bananas, I can definitely see why people like apples so much.

While it's true that some varieties are bland and tasteless, other kinds are crisp and refreshing, especially the Macintosh apples. While I wouldn't call an apple my favorite fruit, it certainly ranks up there, and I do think it's something that everyone can enjoy.

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