Which Famous Boxer Released a Spoken Word Comedy Album?

Famous boxer Muhammad Ali released a spoken word album in 1963 titled I am the Greatest!. The album was released under his birth name, Cassius Clay, and Ali was 21 years old when he recorded the album. The album eventually reached 102 on the charts in 1964. I am the Greatest was recorded mainly as a spoken word album with a laugh track and a bell used to show separate sequences.

More about Muhammad Ali:

  • Kent Green is the only boxer to have knocked out Ali during an amateur fight.

  • In his professional boxing career, Ali was in 61 total fights and won 56 of them - 37 were won by knock out.

  • Ali spoke out against the Vietnam War and refused to enter into the armed forces. As a result he was stripped of his boxing license in several states, and wasn't able fight between 1967 to 1970.

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