Which Dog Breed Has the Heaviest Fur?

The Komondor is the dog breed that has the heaviest fur, with a coat that weighs about 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Within the first two years of the dog's life, this breed generally develops long cords of hair that make it resemble a mop. Komondors have historically served as protectors of sheep and cattle flocks, and their hair is thought to have served as camouflage to help them hide from predators. The heaviness of their fur can also be a risk factor for external parasites, ear infections and foot irritation. Even though the breed has such long and heavy tassle-like hair, these dogs actually shred very little, but they require careful grooming to separate the cords to prevent matting and tangling.

More about Komondors:

  • The average Komondor has about 2,000 tassel-like cords of hair.

  • Komondors are thought to have originated in Hungary during the 16th century, and their long history is considered to be a contributing factor in the fact that the breed has few hereditary health problems.

  • The history of the Komondor breed as protectors also tends to make them wary of strangers and difficult to train.

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Where does this dog originate from? Wouldn't it be better if it were clipped down, leaving it free from matting?

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