Which Country Uses the Internet the Most?

Canadians spend more time on the Internet per person than people in any other country. The average Canadian spends more than 40 hours a month on the Internet, which is about twice the global average. The United States is the country with the next-highest usage per person, with the average U.S. citizen spending about 35 hours a month on the Internet.

More facts about Internet usage:

  • In terms of sheer numbers of users, China is the country that uses the Internet the most. China has more than 1 billion Internet users — about a fifth of the entire Internet-using population — though only about one in three Chinese people regularly use the Internet.

  • The country where the highest percentage of people use the Internet is the United Kingdom, with more than 80 percent of the population regularly on the web. South Korea follows closely behind with just about 80 percent, and Germany and Japan are next with about 78 percent.

  • Almost half of the world's Internet-using population is in Asia — which has almost 10 times the number of users in Africa and more than 40 times those in Oceania.

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