Which Country Has the Most Vegans per Capita?

Israel is quickly becoming a haven for vegetarians and vegans. Five percent of the Israeli population is vegan, and that percentage is steadily rising, as more people are drawn to the movement. There are about 400 vegan-friendly commercial establishments in Israel, and even government entities have begun providing vegan-friendly alternatives to their personnel. For example, the Israeli Defense Forces provide vegan-friendly ration packs and uniforms free of animal products to soldiers who request this option. This also makes Israel an ideal vacation location for vegans who would like to enjoy better eating options during their holidays.

Veganism is a lifestyle that eschews animal by-products. For many, becoming vegan is an ethical decision; vegans hope to prevent the exploitation and mistreatment of animals. However, there are many vegans who prefer this lifestyle primarily for health reasons.

More about veganism:

  • Although the ethical grounds for veganism were discussed by Greek philosophers as far back as 500 B.C., the modern-day vegan movement began in 1944 in England.
  • The term "vegan" was coined in 1944 from the first three and last two letters of "vegetarian" by the founders of The Vegan Society.
  • Additional sub-categories of vegans have been created, depending on the specific types of foods and products that one avoids.
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This is completely wrong. A country called India has at least 50 percent of people who are vegetarians.


I continue to try to be animal friendly, but we mostly seem to be beasts.

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