Which Countries Have the Highest GDP?

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GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. A nation's Gross Domestic Product refers to the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year. To prevent distortions, a system called purchasing power parity (PPP) is used to calculate the GDP estimates. The PPP method involves the use of standardized international dollar price weights to determine the value goods and services produced in a given economy. The amounts listed below are in billions of U.S. dollars.

country GDP in billions of US dollars
United States 10,400 GDP of United States
China 5,700 GDP of China
Japan 3,550 GDP of Japan
India 2,660 GDP of India
Germany 2,180 GDP of Germany
France 1,540 GDP of France
United Kingdom 1,520 GDP of United Kingdom
Italy 1,440 GDP of Italy
Brazil 1,340 GDP of Brazil
Russia 1,270 GDP of Russia
South Korea 931 GDP of South Korea
Canada 923 GDP of Canada
Mexico 900 GDP of Mexico
Spain 828 GDP of Spain
Indonesia 687 GDP of Indonesia
Australia 528 GDP of Australia
Turkey 468 GDP of Turkey
Iran 456 GDP of Iran
Netherlands 434 GDP of Netherlands
South Africa 432 GDP of South Africa
Thailand 429 GDP of Thailand
Argentina 391 GDP of Argentina
Taiwan 391 GDP of Taiwan
Poland 368 GDP of Poland
Philippines 356 GDP of Philippines

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Post 2

Yes, I agree with Lemmings. There are some factors that we need to mention when we calculate it. Some countries are bigger compare with other countries. Ex. US and Taiwan. If we calculate the size and population of between these two countries, we can see that's not accurate. With Taiwan's population and country size, Taiwan would be richer than the US.

-Mike H.

Post 1

It's hard to get an accurate picture of how rich a country actually is from this, because some countries are so much bigger than others. It's easier to see when it's broken down into average per person.

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