Which Countries' Citizens Are the Least Physically Active?

Malta is the least physically active country in the world, with nearly 72% of its population not getting recommended levels of exercise. Close behind is Serbia, with more than 68% of its residents reporting a lack of sufficient physical activity. The Maldives has the highest rate of appropriate exercise levels, with only 39% of its population failing to exercise enough. Despite this, Malta has an average life expectancy of about 81 years, while that of the Maldives is about 76 years.

More about exercise:

  • Some medical experts believe that a lack of exercise can have an effect on a person's life expectancy that is similar to that of cigarette smoking.

  • Although 60% of people in the United States get sufficient exercise, this does not necessarily translate into high fitness levels. About 34% of people in the US are obese, making it the fattest country in the world.

  • The number of obese adults in the United Kingdom increased from 15% in 1993 to 26% in 2012.

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Just who is determining these statistics? Is there really some organization that feels justified to judge how the entire world should exercise?

A more rational scale would be to rate all other countries from Malta being zero and the Maldives being 100 with all other countries listed respectively in between.

If Malta is the least physically active, why is Malta not in the top 10 fattest countries of the world?

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