Where can I Sell Nature Photography?

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Conducting the appropriate marketing research is the most important way to find the perfect place to sell nature photography. Magazines and other consumer publications are one place to sell nature photography. Specific trade publications may also accept and purchase photographs of nature. In addition, one of the best, but most difficult, arenas for the sale of nature photography is in art galleries. Art fairs may also be a good way to break into the business of photography.

When trying to sell nature photography to a magazine or consumer publication, it is important to find the perfect fit between the photograph and the publication. Some publications may want only landscapes, wildlife, or environmental photos from a certain region. For example, Adirondack Life is a magazine that only accepts photos taken in the Adirondack Mountains. Sending Adirondack Life a photo taken in the Rocky Mountains would not be acceptable, and would cause the magazine editor to think twice about additional photos submitted from that photographer.


Trade publications are similar to consumer publications; however, they focus on a particular trade. Oftentimes, finding the perfect trade publication can be challenging; however, with the proper research, selling a particular photo can be easy. One of the best ways to find the right trade publication is to head to the local library. There, a photographer can peruse through past publications and find the one that fits. For example, if a photographer has amazing photos from a trip to the Northwest Territories in Canada, perhaps the Northwest Territories Explorer’s Guide would be a great match.

Art galleries can be very lucrative; however, the income may be slow. The type of nature photography that a gallery would accept is more thought-provoking and awe-inspiring than the type that would be submitted for most consumer or trade publications. Finding the right type of gallery is important: retail galleries, co-op galleries, nonprofit galleries, rental galleries, and even museums can be considered. It is important to thoroughly research a gallery to find out what its commission is, how much the rental of space for the photo is, and whether the piece of nature photography needs to be framed.

Photographers often find art fairs to be a great source of income, as well. Since art fairs can be found across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, it is perfect for those who like to travel. They can be held both indoors and outside, so there is a constant opportunity to display and sell photos. Selling nature photography at an art fair may take some preparation. Photos should be pre-wrapped in plastic to prevent damage from overhandling, a canvas tent may be necessary to protect the items from rain and sun, and a display wall should be constructed to show off the best of the best photos.


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Post 9

Check the Freelance photographers market guide book. It is an annual publication listing agencies, galleries, publications, news, media, magazines and much more. Barnes and Noble bookstores carry it or you can purchase it online. They release a new edition every September, I believe.

Post 7

How do you get people who run real galleries -- not online -- to notice your work online?

Forest Wander
Post 6

There are many places that can assist you in selling your nature photography. One of my favorites is SmugMug. They are fairly priced and offer many customization options.

The price is not bad for SmugMug especially since they handle all of the printing, shipping and fulfillment of the orders. They take a pretty good commission and that is well warranted because of all the services they provide. But again, I think that some would like to simply share their images and even sell their images without paying a fee. So far I have not found a service like this. So I began to plan for my own service like that. Just this year that idea has become a reality.

Post 5

A great way to sell your nature photography is by selling nature stock photography images online libraries and websites. Selling stock photography can be very exciting, and it often involves taking photographs of objects places and things that you would never have explored for.

Often you will have to prove your skills as a photographer to a stock photography company. This can be as simple as a submitting some of your images that you regularly take, or by submitting some images of a request. Either way you might be able to sell your nature photography to some stock photography websites.

Nature photography posters can also be a lucrative way to create some income from your photography skills. Selling cheaper printed the large images can be a great way for younger and people who don't have money to buy prints that are framed and mounted.

Post 4

Generally speaking, fine art nature photography is somewhat of a hobby for most professional photographers.Very few photographers exist, actually specialize in nature photography.

Nature photography prints can be very pricey depending on style and high use. Ranging from different types of surfaces and mounting as well as what kind of frame is put around the print, the price can vary greatly.

Nature art photography is both highly specialized and expensive, which is why it is a hobby for most photographers. There is no doubt that framed nature photography can be quite expensive, however most photographers are satisfied with decorating their house their own work.

Post 3

The reason that it can be difficult to sell landscape nature photography, is because there is not a very high demand for this type of photography anymore. While the fat of putting up large landscape prints your walls in your house has somewhat past, there is still somewhat of a market.

What is available now on the market, is very high-end and makes it difficult for amateur photographers looking to become a part of the industry.

Post 2

Because of the difficulty in getting an art gallery to display your work, it can be much easier for independent artists to display their photography online and in digital media.

Selling nature landscape photography and other types of major stock talking can be very difficult. This is mostly due to the fact that there is a high amount of competition on the market and only so much space available in local art galleries.

Online websites that specialize in displaying independent art work can be a great resource for photographers looking to sell their individual images. Using this option can also mean more flexibility for buyers, as it means they are able to purchase the exact size and they would like to print as opposed to the print size that is hanging on the wall and an art gallery.

Post 1

where would I find a book listing trade publications for submitting photography for sale? I had one a while back and cannot find it after a couple of moves. It listed all companies of all types that accept photos and the type of media accepted, etc. I need to find one like this.

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