Where can I Find Discount Tires?

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If your tires are worn, it can affect safety, traction, gas mileage, and handling, so replacing them with discount tires can provide a simple, inexpensive option. The daunting process of finding discount tires may lead you to visit your dealership, direct manufacturer's showroom, tire warehouse, auto parts store, and online outlet. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, but they should provide you with enough guidance, information, and inexpensive options to make your buying process painless.

All you need to know to replace your tires are the weather conditions under which you routinely drive, the size and rating of your tires, and personal preferences such as the style of the tires' tread pattern. It is very important that, even under a budget, you never purchase tires that have a lower speed index or load rating than those tires that originally came with your car. However, it is not always necessary to replace all four tires at the same time, depending on their patterns of wear - contact your tire supplier for advice.


One thing to remember when choosing a source for discount tires is that the price might not include mounting and balancing, yet these are necessary expenditures. An auto parts store adjacent to a mechanic might have a smaller selection, but they will walk you through the process. They'll probably give you a discount on installing the tires the same day, if not throwing the service in for free. You might benefit from the personal attention, even if the sticker price is slightly higher. Of course, you aren't paying for shipping and handling.

Increasingly, people are finding discount tires online. These businesses can offer a wider selection of name brand tires in every configuration. While you cannot see your choice in person, the convenience can make your experience more expedient. Many such retailers will ship your tires directly to a service station so they will be waiting for you when you bring your car in to have them installed. They may even help you find a station close to your home or office.

More traditional places that stock a smaller selection of discount tires might include your original dealership, warehouse stores where you must be a member of their discount club, or the auto parts section of a department store. At these locations, you can expect more personal attention, with trained professionals there to interpret the numbers on the sidewall of the tire and recommend an affordable yet appropriate choice.


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This is a great informative article. In a time when many have to downsize their cars and look to save money in maintaining their cars, it is critical that people understand the advantages of shopping online. Traditionally, most people just did their research online and bought locally. There are a ton of deals online.

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