Where can I Donate Used Hearing Aids?

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Once a person is finished with his or her hearing aids, such as when the units need to be replaced or upgraded, the used hearing aids can be donated in any number of ways. Many charities and service organizations accept donations of hearing aids. It is generally better to donate old hearing aids than to throw them away.

There are a number of hearing service organizations to which you can donate used hearing aids. Often, these organizations can refurbish hearing aids and their parts. Hearing aid parts can be costly, so this is a way that people on limited incomes can gain access to working hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be donated to many charities. In the US, there are several non-profit organizations like the Lion’s Club National, The Knights of Columbus, or Hear Now. These and many other non-profit organizations accept used hearing aids and hearing aid parts, which are then refurbished and donated to military veterans, the elderly, and disabled children who may need them in order to restore hearing.

Internationally, there are programs that accept previously owned hearing aids. The Rotary Club accepts hearing aids and works with other organizations to ensure that needy people in other countries receive them. The work that the Rotary Club does also helps pay for other programs that benefit needy or underprivileged people around the globe.


There is also a network of other international charities and organizations that accept old hearing aids. Many of these organizations put people to work in their hearing aid refurbishment programs. This helps create a sustainable lifestyle for communities that may otherwise have little work opportunities.

The batteries that are used in hearing aids can also be recycled. This is an environmentally friendly solution that can make an impact on the environment. Consult with a local battery recycling program to determine what types of batteries are accepted in your area and when you may donate them.

If you are unsure of where to donate pre-owned hearing aids or hearing aid batteries, consult with a medical or hearing provider to determine if any local organizations, churches, or other social welfare programs take used hearing aids or parts. Chances are, there will be an organization that will be pleased to accept the hearing aids to meet the needs of people in the community. The hearing aids can then be used by someone else who may not otherwise be able to afford or access them.


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If you live in the UK take them to an Ascent clinic/center to be recycled. They have a scrappage scheme for hearing aids. (They can be used again by people in the third world.)

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When deciding whether to donate very expensive, used hearing aids to an individual, a service organization, or other, what is the consideration the IRS allows for the contribution?

How adaptable is a within the ear hearing aid from one person to another?

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how can one be obtained by someone that needs one but can't afford one?

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