Where can I Buy Kombucha Tea?

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Kombucha is the name for a fermented tea that has been used in Asia for centuries. While many people in Asia buy kombucha tea on a regular basis, Russia is considered the birthplace of it. In modern-day Russia, kombucha tea is known by the name of kvass, and is sold on street stands in the summer as a popular refreshing beverage.

If you're wondering whether to buy Kombucha tea or not, you should know that kombucha is believed to have many health benefits, including the ability to detoxify the liver, protect against cancer, and cleanse the body of waste. Studies show that this may be due to the presence of acetic acid bacteria, yeast, and other healthy components.

Tradition indicates that you should not buy kombucha tea, but rather make it at home. However, kombucha cannot be made without a kombucha culture, which suggests the need for a starter set. Once you buy a kombucha culture, you can make your own beverage by mixing it with black tea and sugar, and waiting for it to ferment, which usually happens after ten days.

People who make kombucha at home will usually share some of the culture for you to get started. If you don't know anybody that already has a kombucha culture, there are also several online communities where you can buy a kombucha culture or get it for free as long as you agree to cover the cost of postage.


If you do not have direct access to a kombucha culture, your next best option is to buy kombucha tea as a ready-made drink at health food stores. Many shops also sell starter kits, which include the culture, tea, and instruction manual. Organic health markets sell unpasteurized kombucha drinks. If you can get a bottle, you will notice there are usually small pieces of culture in it. These are usually enough to get you started making your own kombucha tea.

No matter how you get started, drinking kombucha tea is one of the easiest and tastiest things you can do to improve your health.


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Post 3

I've seen kombucha at only one organic food store. It is rather difficult to find. It's available online but I'm worried that the bottle will get damaged during shipping. It seems like the easiest thing to do is buy a starter kit and make my own. Those who don't drink kombucha regularly won't need it. But it's a must for those who do. And frankly, ready-made kombucha is way to expensive to buy on a regular basis.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- I know the teas you are talking about, but I'm afraid they're not really kombucha tea. They may have some dry kombucha culture in there. But it's not true kombucha because it is not fermented. So kombucha tea must be either made at home or purchased pre-made and ready to drink in a bottle or jar.

The tea bags labeled as kombucha tea are mostly made up of other teas like green tea with a little bit of kombucha culture. But since it's not fermented, that doesn't count. I'm sure the kombucha name on the packaging grabs a lot of attention though.

I make my own kombucha at home and I buy the culture online. The culture lasts a long time and the fermented tea can be used as a culture for a new batch. So it's not necessary to buy the culture constantly.

Post 1

It's actually easy to get kombucha tea. There are several tea brands that sell it in tea bags. I have seen it at some select groceries, as well as organic markets. I've never tried it, but it is easily available.

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