When Should Girls Start Wearing Training Bras?

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Training bras are designed for girls who are beginning puberty and have developing breasts that range in cup size from AAA to A. Normally, by the time a girl can fill a B cup, she is ready to graduate to standard bras.

The decision of when to begin wearing training bras is up to each individual girl and her parents. Some girls like to wear them before they really need them. This may be because she wants to feel included with her peers who are already wearing bras. Some parents see no harm in allowing their daughters to wear training bras before they are necessary, especially if doing so will make them feel more comfortable and included. Others are uncomfortable with this choice and decide not to let their daughters wear bras until they develop to a point where they are necessary.

Because everyone begins puberty at a slightly different time and everyone’s bodies are unique, there is no particular time when it is right for girls to begin wearing training bras. In general, when it becomes apparent that a girl’s chest is beginning to look different from a boy’s, then her breasts are beginning to develop and she might need a training bra or an undershirt. She might not need to wear them under sweaters and sweatshirts, but she may need to wear them with thin shirts and blouses.


Pediatricians can help parents decide when their daughters should begin to wear training bras. A pediatrician will be able to tell a parent when a girl has hit the stage in puberty where a bra becomes necessary. While consulting with their daughter’s pediatrician, parents can also discuss the pros and cons of wearing a training bra before it is necessary.

There are many stores that sell training bras. It is important to choose one that fits well. Otherwise, the straps might dig into the girl’s skin or be so loose that they fall off of her shoulders. A well-fitting bra will not be too loose or tight.


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Post 2

Sinefey-I never thought about that. I think that little girls in training bras really help them mature.

Training bras for little girls are sold in most department stores and big box retailers. They usually have a thin strap but are cut straight across the chest with no indentation.

Girls in training bras also help them keep better posture because they usually begin to stand up straighter as a result of the girl’s bra.

Little girls wearing training bras can also help them feel less self conscious because as soon as one of the little girls is wearing one, they all want to.

There is really no harm in having a little girl wear a training bra even before she needs one. If it boosts her self esteem, I am all for it.

Post 1

My girl decided on the sports bra to start with. You can usually get sports bras with racer back type shoulder straps and fit the tank top fashion without having her bra straps showing.

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