When is It Worthwhile to Rent a Computer?

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There are some good reasons not to rent a computer. Most involve the fact that an individual wishes to buy a computer but doesn’t possess the credit or the current finances to do so. Under most circumstances, individuals who want to buy a computer are better served by avoiding rent-to-own computer deals, since the eventual cost of the computer is likely to be at least triple the initial computer price, and it can take five years to pay off the purchase.

However, there are some solid reasons that a person or a business might want to rent a computer instead of purchasing one. An individual who needs a computer for a short stay in another town might be better off renting instead of buying. This would cut price, and if buying something like a desktop PC isn’t necessary, there’s no need for the extra expense. A short-term assignment while traveling could make renting a very good option.

Alternately, a business may need to rent a computer or a piece of computer equipment for a special event. A special meeting or a trade show might require something a business doesn’t ordinarily use. The expense of the computer or the piece of equipment doesn’t justify owning it, and thus renting at a much lower cost makes sense.


Many companies, especially start up companies, also chose to rent a computer or rent all their office computers under long term or short term lease deals. These can have decided advantages over purchase. First, they mean that the initial financial outlay for technology is much lower. It can take a huge slice out of a company budget if multiple computers must be purchased before the company can get started or continue its operations.

Another advantage to many computer-leasing options for companies is that they will frequently offer free or low-price tech support. This means employees may not have to waste time figuring out why a purchased computer isn’t doing its job, or the company may not have to spend money to employ a tech specialist. Getting quick replacements when computers don’t work properly is an additional benefit when a company leases,

Computers are also known for their short shelf life. New technology is constantly being developed, and businesses may want to avoid buying a computer because it eventually becomes an obsolete purchase. When the business can rent a computer or lease it, they may have special deals where they are able to upgrade to newer or faster equipment, as older computers begin to be of less value. This is usually less expensive than having to repurchase equipment every few years to make certain that current tech remains relevant.


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