What's the First Thing Most Younger People Do When They Wake up?

The first thing most younger people do when they wake up is check their phones – approximately 74% of adults aged 18 to 24 report looking at their phones in the morning.

Checking email is the most common activity performed on smartphones first thing after waking up, with 67% of people, followed by checking the weather reports, with 45%, and social media at 40%. Smartphone usage for the age group generally continues throughout the day - about half of all young professionals reported that they also use their phone to perform work tasks while driving. Additionally, 20% admitted that their smartphone would be their first priority if they were robbed.

More about smart phone usage :

  • 42% of young people surveyed that they would give up their sense of smell if they had to choose between it or having internet access with their phones.

  • Smartphone users unlock their devices an average of 110 times per day, or approximately once every six minutes.

  • Nearly one-third of smart phone users check their phones while in the bathroom, and almost half admit to having checked their phones during meals.

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