What’s Different about the Latest Collection of American Girl Dolls?

More than 29 million American Girl dolls have been sold since the brand was introduced in 1986. But there had never been a boy doll in the line, until now. In February 2017, a male doll named Logan Everett was added to the popular line of toys, as part of a new collection with a Nashville music motif. Originally, the Pleasant Company “was a girl company, and anything that was good for girls, was ours to give them,” according to early promotional material. However, their more recent products show that the American Girl brand is willing to change with the times, including meeting demand for a male doll in their collection.

When a doll is more than a doll:

  • The initial American Girl dolls had historical accessories and backstories that highlighted events in American history, such as tensions between pioneers and Native American tribes or the horrors of child labor.

  • In 1998, the Pleasant Company was acquired by Mattel. The brand's new approach focuses on introducing more contemporary characters with less contentious storylines.

  • Logan’s arrival highlights a major shift in how merchandisers and advertisers now view gender. Many retailers have eliminated gender labels in toy sections, thereby widening their products' appeal among all young consumers.

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