What Was the Population of Canada Throughout Its History?

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The population of Canada has continued to increase for the last 150 years. Currently, the Canadian census is conducted every five years, but we have posted the historical populations at the beginning of each decade dating back to 1861. The population in Canada is expected to continue growing, but at a slower rate, as shown by the projections for 2011 and 2021.

Canada's population growth is attributable to immigration and to the birth rate exceeding the death rate. In the most recent Census, for example, the difference between the birth and death rates (natural increase) was 653,000 and the difference between immigration and emigration (net international migration) was 781,000. These two factors combined for an increase of almost 1.5 million new Canadian inhabitants between 1996 and 2001.

year population
2021 35,382,000 population of Canada in 2021
2011 33,362,000 population of Canada in 2011
2001 31,111,000 population of Canada in 2001
1991 28,031,000 population of Canada in 1991
1981 24,820,000 population of Canada in 1981
1971 21,568,000 population of Canada in 1971
1961 18,238,000 population of Canada in 1961
1951 13,648,000 population of Canada in 1951
1941 11,507,000 population of Canada in 1941
1931 10,377,000 population of Canada in 1931
1921 8,788,000 population of Canada in 1921
1911 7,207,000 population of Canada in 1911
1901 5,371,000 population of Canada in 1901
1891 4,833,000 population of Canada in 1891
1881 4,325,000 population of Canada in 1881
1871 3,689,000 population of Canada in 1871
1861 3,230,000 population of Canada in 1861

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Cool. Anyone know the population of New France in the 1640s?

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Of course. Most of the population lives along the southern border. Similarly, Australia is huge but has a huge desert as its interior. Most of the population lives on or near the coast.

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Canada is a country of vast distances. It is the second largest country in the world. It must be the extreme cold that keeps the population relatively low for such a large country.

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