What US State Produces the Most Milk?

California produces the most milk of any US state. In 2010, California produced 40.4 billion pounds (18.3 billion kg) of milk, about 20% of the US milk supply. California became the top milk producer in 1993, when it surpassed Wisconsin. Although Wisconsin no longer has the distinction of producing the most milk, it continues to make the most cheese.

More about dairy products:

  • The US state with the lowest milk production in 2011 was Alaska, producing just 6.9 million pounds (3.13 million kg).

  • There were 51,481 dairy farms in the US as of 2011. More than 1,600 of them were in California.

  • It is illegal in the US to sell raw milk intended for human consumption across state lines. Some states, however, do allow the sale of raw milk to consumers within that state.

More Info: www.californiadairypressroom.com

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These states produce the most milk in United States. 1 is California, 2 Wisconsin,3 New York, 4 Idaho and 5 Texas[I was born in Texas]. Hope this helps you.


Camel milk seems to last the longest: 7 days at 86 degrees F (30 degrees C), and **three months** if refrigerated! It's popular in North Africa and the Middle East.


Americans might be surprised to learn that worldwide, goat's milk is more common than cow's milk!


After California, the next top milk producing states in the US: Wisconsin, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania.


Top milk producers, worldwide (all types: cow, goat, sheep, camel...): India, US, China, Pakistan, Russia, Germany. If you could the EU as one entity then it is first. India produces mostly buffalo milk.

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