What Types of Jobs can I get As a Business Major?

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A business major has a number of options in a wide variety of disciplines upon graduation from college. Whether they want to get into the management side, the customer service side, or even the marketing side, all of these may be available options once a student has gained the proper tools. Those who may have an idea of what division of business they want to go in should take the time to focus their coursework accordingly, perhaps even getting a minor in addition to their business major.

Business management is often a prime field for those who have a degree in business. While the business major just starting out in his or her career may not be able to get a top management position, it will be much easier to advance from the lower levels of management with a degree. Positions in middle or upper management often require a business degree in order to even be considered for the position.

While many may think of customer service as the grunt work of the business model, there are opportunities for those with a business major to have a substantial amount of hands-on experience with the customer. The hospitality industry, in many cases, has a number of offerings for business majors in the area of customer service. A concierge is one example of a hospitality position that is usually well suited for a business major.


The area with the most opportunity for a business major may be the marketing and sales side. Those who excel in this part of the business can quickly move into a management position as they are usually recognized not by politics, but by performance. Also, many sales jobs, especially when the clients are professionals, such as in selling to other businesses, require their sales representatives to have a degree in business.

For those who wish to enhance their choices, sometimes an MBA degree, in addition to a business major, is the way to go. While many of those who major in business often want to get an MBA, which is a master's degree in business administration, very few actually follow through. Those who do have a distinct advantage over those who simply have a degree with a business major. In some cases, if an individual is already employed, the company may offer further education toward an MBA at no cost to the employee. This can provide a great incentive for a business major looking to take that next step.


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Post 2

Sunny27- I agree with you, but the additional costs of the degree might bar someone from pursuing the MBA.

Many students graduating from these programs have student loan debt of over $70,000 or more. It might take a while to recoup that money. It is just something to consider.

Post 1

Great article- I want to add that many schools now offer MBA programs to cater to the non-traditional student.

Many offer programs online in which a student can complete the coursework in two to three years. Also, many schools offer Executive MBA programs that offer classes on weekends promising completion in 18 to 24 months.

The degree is worth it because graduates make between 25 to 40% more than those with just a four year degree.

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